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Stella Art Deco

A classic vintage art deco design crystal stella bridal hair comb, this exquisite hair comb will adorn your hair with sparkling charm!.

Viola Headband

An exquisite collection of Viola bejewelled headband

Anastasia Headpiece

Add a Wow Factor with this exquisite collection of Anastasia headpiece

Snowflake Brooch

Sparkle with the sweetest vintage crystal snowflake bridal clip/brooch

Gabriella Brooch

Add a touch of old school sparkle with this fabulous 1940s vintage

Olivia Hair Comb

An exquisite stunning vintage Olivia bridal wedding hair comb

Starlet Bridal Hairpiece

No wedding gown is complete without hair accessories.

Helena Wedding Headband

Inspired by treasured vintage jewels fall in love with this beautiful Helena Wedding Headband.

Grace Wedding Headband

Sparkle with our belair collection of crystal headbands.

Graceful Vintage Hair Comb

This gorgeous statement hair comb is bold and encrusted with clear crystals for dazzling sparkle!
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